Thursday, May 24, 2018

#MeMadeMay Week 3, Mending Mishap

Not all my mending goes smoothly. I tried a quick fix on another tunic with a too-wide neck and here's what happened:
Weird poufs in the middle of my shoulder seams.
This is one of my rare tunics where I turned back and sewed the edges on the neckline.
I'm not claiming it's an excellent sewing job. It's adequate. 
Fixing this one will require ripping out machine stitching at the neckline and resewing the shoulder seams.
That won't be happening soon, so I will endure it falling off my shoulders for now.
Old in-phone photo collage from last September.
This photo is probably the one that helped me decide to add sleeves:
With Kelly at my art exhibition, #myshittycommute April 2016

#dailytrucks with One Orange Door
left: circa 2016 .  right: 5.23.18
#dailytruck is an Instagram series that I can't seem to stop and has resulted in two art shows so far.
And now you know how easily I'm distracted and why the I have Mending Mountain.

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

#MeMadeMay Week 2: Tunic Rehabs

These items are NOT from Repair/Repurpose Mountain.
Instead, it was adding a tiny bit of hand sewing that made me love them all over again.

First, the green stripe rayon tunic.
It kept sliding off my shoulders and driving me batty.
The problem? Neck hole too wide!
A simple 2" in at the shoulder on both sides and my sanity was restored.
"This tunic matches my eyes. Yes, I'll pose with it."
Next, the Japanese kimono textile:
I'm "backstage" at the Palm Desert Civic Center Amphitheater.
Severo had a gig with The Pettybreakers. It was 106ºF.
I found this a good print for disguising spilled guacamole.
Write up on the Glutton blog soon.
And last, the BOOM! tunic, which I tolerated at work in order to be extra festive for the Otis Senior Exhibition after work.
The Chico's ombre dot scarf, acquired last year, pairs perfectly with the tunic.
At Otis. Couldn't figure out the student who created this mirror piece.
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Catherines #iwillwearwhatilike

Oh yeah, DOTS!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

PSA: #MyTealTicket for Food Allergies

Meet Katie Parkins, 14, creator of MyTealTicket.

In her own words:
"My name is Katie Parkins, and I am 14 years old. I was first diagnosed with life-threatening food allergies when I was 3. Since then, I have found it challenging to eat at restaurants due to my food allergies. When I was twelve, I came up with the idea of MyTealTicket.
MyTealTicket is a restaurant order form that alerts the staff of your specific food allergies. MyTealTicket was launched in July of 2017. Since then, I have been presenting at FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) Teen Summits, being interviewed on WGN, NEWSY, WTMJ, appearing in Allergic Living Magazine, and other media outlets."

When you use MyTealTicket, you are protecting yourself, and you are raising money and awareness for food allergy research. Part of the proceeds go to FARE.

[I'm using copy sent by a PR firm]